Webinar Marketing Course

A webinar is a conference or seminar that is performed through the internet, using a special software.

In a webinar, an exchange of information is produced (any type of information), live, at a specified date and time, and it is ideal for the presentation of products and marketing. The participants connect from any part of the world using a computer, with specific software obtained from a web page with an access password for guests.

Work on 21 Live projects & Campaigns

Classroom Training With 80% Practicals

Trainees From

Our Syllabus Is Taught To The Leading Global Brands

No Technical Knowledge required. 100% Job Assistance

96 + Hours Classroom Training With 80% Practicals

Benefits of ADMD Course

  • 80% Practicals : Work on Live Projects & Campaigns
  • You can Double your Business with Internet Marketing
  • Increase Traffic to your website
  • Learn to Optimize Social Media presence
  • Guaranteed to Improve your Search Engine Rankings
  • You gain expertise on managing Digital Strategies
  • Pump up your CAREER & Empower yourself for a better job
  • Create Campaigns independently

Training & Support provided for Google Certificationgoogle-partner

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