7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google Adwords

In the near past, businesses have tried various traditional media options to generate leads for their businesses.

Businesses have advertised in print media, television and radio networks, trade magazines and journals with varying degrees of success.

The major problems with traditional media advertising is the cost factor and also more importantly generating qualified potential leads, leads that are most likely to convert into sales.

Since the last few years, due to the affordable high speed  internet access and the exponential sales of smart phones, more and more consumers are using the internet to access information about companies and their products and services.

Google Adwords can help businesses attract qualified business leads to their websites at fraction of cost of traditional marketing and also drive quality traffic to their websites.


  1. Targeted Advertising: When an internet user uses the Google Search Engine to search for a particular product or service, Google ensures that only ads related to the search are displayed. Thus businesses are sure of displaying their ads only to these qualified potential leads. Furthermore Google charges the advertisers only when someone clicks on the ad, not when the ad is displayed! This feature greatly helps the advertiser in controlling his/her advertising expenses.
  2. Keywords: Advertisers can use a wide array of keywords which they think would drive quality traffic to their website. These keywords can be changed/modified/ deleted/added whenever the advertisers wishes to.
  3. Ad Spend: Advertisers can decide how much they want to spend per day on Google Adwords thus having a strict control on their expenses. This can also be changed and modified as many times as they want. In most cases, advertiser normally increases the budget spend due to the tremendous response they get!
  4. Remarketing: Adwords also helps you to track the leads that visit their websites. This proves to be of great benefit, since this list of people who have visited the website can be retargeted with relevant ads.
  5. Analytical Reports: The Google Adwords platform provides in depth analysis of your ads performance on a daily basis. Which keywords are the performing the best, which location is getting you the most hits, which hours of the day people are most actively searching for your kind of business etc. All these statistics can be used to modify or change your ads for optimum utilization of your ad spend!
  6. Geo Targeting: If you own local business then you want only people in and around your location to be shown your ads. Geo Targeting option in Google Adwords ensures that your ads are only shown to people in your targeted location!
  7. Display Network: Your image ads can be targeted by a variety of factors like location, demographics, topics and interests, website placements etc. to ensure that your image ads are only shown on websites that your likely audience will visit.

In conclusion, Google Adwords helps you to reach out to only to people who are most likely to become your customers with a strict control on your budgets. Getting your message out to as many potential customers with the least amount of advertising budget will definitely increase your ROI by many times over!!!

– Dipen Mashru

Google Certified Digital Marketing professional and Trainer. DMTI


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