7 Types of Content that Every Website Needs

1. Infographics
2. Product/Company Reviews
3. How to Guides
4. Listicles
5. Videos/Live Videos
6. Photo Galleries
7. FAQs


types of content marketing

As the internet gets flooded with all types of content it also gets difficult to connect with your audience. The sheer online noise is enough to make all your efforts connecting with different diaspora even more time-consuming. If you’re finding yourself constantly adding and deleting the content mix you probably need to take a step back. When developing content for your website it’s time to take stock of what you need as a brand so you can achieve the right traffic.

Most website owners fear losing out to an audience if they miss on getting a certain type of content they know is a sure winner. With each of the content type having its own audience and purpose, your fears may not be completely wrong. However, there are ways to look at the content types that are best for your business needs and will generate the right kind of buzz.

Here are a few content types we know you can fit easily into your website and have a posh, well-balanced site. Each one, educating visitors and helping them understand your business and offerings


You have seen these amazing content snippets all around as they have been in news all thanks to their beautiful design. They are the most eye-grabbing content types with a great mix of text, flow, graphics, storytelling and statistics elements.

Giving a short summary on any topic, these visual representations of information can sometimes take days to compile and longer to research. These mini books or short articles have a much more polished look with the audience, than your average write-ups.

Since they started, the templates and design integration possibilities have advanced a lot giving you the much-needed flexibility in telling your story.

Having info-graphics on your website will not just bring in the online traffic but will help retain them. This could be the cool fun element that viewers turn up each week to check in on.

From mixing political sarcasm, brand journey, inspirational facts, FAQs, did u know, how-tos, brands have found a way to be in the news each week thanks to this versatile content type.

Since each topic can be customized to tell a story, info-graphics find a much larger audience base and repeat value than you think.

Imagine a simple mixer ad from a brand. Just made up of pictures and texts? Instead picture an infographics-a story filled with the history of how mixers came into being and how they’re today.

A simple name drop at the end of your company and website and voila! You have a brand new readership. Not just on your website but everywhere that it travels thanks to social media. Now that’s value for money.

Check out the info-graphic that I have created for this blog article.

infographics on types of content that every website needs

Product/Company Reviews

With more and more questions being raised about the after sale value offered by brands having product reviews on the website itself is a great way to start.

importance of product reviews

How? Imagine an easy access to understanding each of your vendors on an e-commerce site. Tracking feed-backs on the use and USP of the product can be made much simpler, just by having this self-help content type as part of your content mix.

With mini marketplaces and e-commerce site popping up all around it is a challenge by itself to monitor products let alone how they fare. With brands offering huge discounts, free shipping, combo deals the fight to sell is unlike earlier.

Smarter brands realize the need for such marketplace interactions and even offer points to active reviewer creating their own loyal followers.

Product and Company reviews and feed-backs can help build trust and create more website traffic. Think of this as an important channel in product development. The best brands out there are the ones doing active listening.

How-To Guides

With a whole generation of people engrossed with their handheld devices, this is yet another great way to add more content to your website mix. Try imagining every possible way to use your product, for every possible user.The number is mesmerizing! While the traditionalist will have a simple instructional video, the more savvy ideators think out of the box.

With this content demanding collaboration, with all possible online content creators, you can have an endless content calendar using the same product. After all, each creator brings his own vision, his understanding of who you are selling to, and why they would use the product the way they would.

How-to guides serve as a great way to bridge away any communication gap, about product features, pricing point, product differentiation, use and durability. With each how-to, try showcasing how much the brand wants its end user to benefit from the use. These short videos can act as a great way to show that your brand cares and listens.


Who wants to read long boring text, when can go through a quick bullet point version of the same. With so much content being out there, there is a need to grab eyeball and to retain it. With listicles, you will always find an audience.

The headlines are designed to grab your attention and pull you to the main page. These always use numbers as part of the headline, never missing out to the bulk of the content. Their strong point is letting the audience know how much information they will receive and keep it concise.

Listicles help in retaining the audience’s attention, for most of the write-up and are the most organically shared content online.  By always asking for the reader’s opinion at the end, they are shareable and the most talked about content type currently. These are great to highlight key brand messaging online, on websites and social media platforms while encouraging engagement with readers.

Videos/Live Videos

We all love watching videos. YouTube statistics are enough to prove that the internet users love this form of content. Having videos on your website is a sure way to quickly, effectively and more entertaining way to engage your audience while explaining about your products/services and/or your company message.

Videos can be made as professionally as possible but if you do not want to spend a large amount of money on creating videos then you can simply use your webcam and a simple mike to start recording and posting videos on your site. Another option which is gaining popularity is live videos.

With major social media players realizing the importance of live streaming, each platform now offers this as an additional plugin. With real-time engagement metrics being important, these serve as a great way to gather feedback.

Adding these to your website is sure fire winner. Facebook Live, Periscope, Streamup, Meerkat, Snapchat Live Stories, YouTube Connect usually include chat, tagging, and news-feed features, to engage and promote your live content with followers.

Many offer options to insert rich content, such as recorded video clips, GIFs, and photos. You can collaborate with others to tell stories with live video from multiple perspectives to cover your events.

Viewers can chat and search through the video to find out what’s happening live. All streamed videos are automatically stored online, for future viewing and sharing. Same runs for live chats.

It offers a great way to help people simultaneously, while taking away problems with strange accents or bad lines. This offers instant feedback, with no extra costs for the website visitor or delay due to call center connectivity problems.

The live analytics offers added the advantage of figuring out your visitor. You can look at checking the log files to support quality your staff is providing.

Photo Galleries


Having a great photo gallery on your web page is a great way to turn it into a sales tool. Think of how you can save a lot of time, by just passing on the link to your website gallery!

photo gallery for content on website


The easier it is to display what products you are offering and for what prices, the more trust you give your customers. Most customers are looking to share images and this is the best way to do away with the hassle of unnecessary interactions and mailing sample pictures.

This is the best way to use envisioning, on behalf of the customers to help push sales. Your website is part of your brand and a professionally shot gallery adds to it. Photo galleries add to the idea of how a particular product looks, against a particular background. Keeping these images in a neat place, where your customers can easily find them, solidifies their purchasing decision.

If you are not selling any products and using the website only for company promotion then photo galleries can be used to display company office images, company staff images, promotional events of your company, company seminars etc. which is a great way to develop trust in the prospective client visiting your site.


Visitors to your website normally have some queries regarding your company and your products/services. Instead of them taking one step further buy calling your company or filling out an inquiry form, we can create a list of questions that are generally asked by your previous visitors and clients and have them answered on the website.

faq for content for website


Visitors can visit this section, where they will find their common queries already answered by the company. This also gives a deeper insight into your products/services/company. But the main benefit is that it can lead to quicker and more sales since most of the doubts that the prospective customer can raise are already answered in the FAQ section of your website.


Whatever mix of content type you decide to go with, remember to keep the web pages easy for your viewers to access. Think of your website as your curriculum vitae.

It needs to showcase the best that your brand has to offer.

Investing in professionally done websites is a good idea. However, don’t forget to match your content with your business goals.

Many websites act as an online brochure or catalogue, which can be changed or updated at any time.

Every content type helps you gain additional exposure.





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